Trustee in Bankruptcy

“We are committed to helping individuals and families get a fresh start by providing certified debt solution strategies, customized to your needs. Evancic Perrault Robertson has helped thousands of personal and small business clients eliminate debt by leveraging over 25 years of industry expertise. Our partnership approach means that we support you through every step of the process as your trusted advocate.”


What our customers think

Bruce helped me get my life back. I filled bankruptcy with his office and from beginning to end he was my biggest advocate. He was professional, empathetic, and knowledgable throughout the process. He even helped me with my taxes!!! I am thankful for everything he did for me and I would recommend EPR to anyone whose currently experiencing the “financial unmanageability” of debt. EPR truly gave me a fresh start at life.

I am grateful for the knowledgable team at EPR for helping me through what was one of the most trying times in my life. When I first met with Bruce I was overwhelmed, everything had been pilling up and the only thing I thought left to do was file for bankruptcy. We went over my case and he explained that I had options, not just bankruptcy. We ended up filing a consumer proposal effectively reducing my total debt and creating a more manageable creditor situation. What would have been a hard situation for any guy or gal was made easier through the help of Bruce and his team. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way.

When I called EPR I had over $80,000 of debt and felt that no matter what I did, it kept getting more out of hand. I met with Bruce and that day he stopped the debt collection calls. He was my biggest advocate and helped me get my life back.

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